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With the Affordable Care Act, Renewed Focus on the Positive

By Amy Simmons Farber

We’re encouraged these days to see some ripples of good, accurate coverage regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Even though it is now the law of the land, relatively few people understand how they are directly affected by its provisions.  The good news is that message is getting out there —  community by community.  The way it usually happens is a local reporter hears about a new site where people can gain access to care.  Such is the case in Omaha, NE, where demand for care is growing,  and OneWorld Community Health Centers is growing to meet it.  “The people that are really struggling are our target and the purpose behind Community Health Centers,” said Andrea Skolkin, OneWorld CEO, in an interview with the World-Herald News.  “The good news is people are getting health care.”  The article goes on to note that the ACA invests $11 billion to health centers, including several throughout Nebraska.

The Los Angeles Times also recently examined how the ACA will help the unmet needs of the poor, uninsured and chronically ill patients in Southern California and the future growth of newly insured patients at health centers.  Reporter Anna Gorman notes, “Unlike private physcians, [health centers] offer additional services, such as help with transportation to appointments and finding housing… Although community clinic patients tend to be sicker or poorer, the quality of care at community clinics rivals that of private practice physicians, according to a recent Stanford University Study.”

We also like this Chicago Sun-Times op-ed by Dr. Kohar Jones, titled, “Good Health Care Shouldn’t Start in the Emergency Room.”  Dr. Jones writes, “A healtier America won’t come from creating more emergency rooms.”

Send us your examples of news coverage that showcases how the ACA and health centers are making a difference in expanding care.