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WI: Expansion at Northern Health Centers

By: Beau Boughamer

The Antigo Daily Journal reported on expansion plans at Northern Health Centers — another project fueled by stimulus investments.

Laura Waldvogel, executive director of Northern Health Centers explained that increased demand for services required additional space and an improvement in the way existing space was being utilized.

“Federal stimulus funding made it possible to expand and improve the Nicolet Clinic in Lakewood, something we identified as a real need some time ago,” Waldvogel said.

When completed, there will be additional space for the medical and behavioral health departments, as well as three new dental offices, bringing the Dental Clinic to capacity at 10 operatories.

“The demand for dental services in particular has continued to exceed our capacity,” Waldvogel explained. “While this won’t completely satisfy the need, three additional operatories will allow us to bring services to 736 more dental patients; most of whom are currently without a dental provider.”