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White House ‘Year in Health Care’ Highlights Health Centers

By: Beau Boughamer

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius mentioned health centers in a report on the year in health care for the blog.  What a year 2009 was for Community Health Centers!

We made investments to create jobs today – and tomorrow.

When President Obama signed the Recovery Act, he said there were two goals: to help America recover from the current economic crisis and to lay the foundation for future growth. Last year, we made several investments that served both purposes. For example, we invested over $1 billion in Recovery Act funds to help doctors around the country adopt electronic health records, which can reduce paperwork, medical errors, and health care costs. We also gave out more than $5 billion in new NIH grants to help bring us closer to the cures and treatments of the future for diseases from cancer to autism. And we invested more than $1 billion to expand community health centers around the country, add new services and providers, and give millions more Americans access to high-quality primary care.