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Washington State Health Center Becomes LEED Certified

By Micah Clemens

The Everett Broadway Clinic of the Community Health Center of Snohomish County, Washington, has recently taken a big step toward becoming more energy efficient, decreasing energy costs, and creating a healthier indoor environment. The Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce highlightedhow this Community Health Center has obtained a LEED silver rating for the design and construction of their new clinic.

The 19,000 square foot building was designed to save on energy costs, conserve water, and create a better work environment to reduce absenteeism and retain staff longer.

How LEED certification can benefit medical facilities like health centers

Medical facilities use a much greater amount of energy than most other building types, so putting rigor around how they are designed and constructed for efficiency is significantly relevant. Medical facilities also typically have a longer life span than retail or office buildings, so these facilities can’t overlook the need for higher performance.

CHC found additional benefits beyond energy cost savings and longevity.

“CHC took certain steps leading to improved energy efficiency — higher R-values, low-flow plumbing fixtures, more window space for more natural light — which not only affect the operational costs but the maintenance costs as well. Less wear and tear of the equipment and fixtures,” says Brent Ediger, CHC facilities coordinator. “It has me thinking about what types of measures we can introduce in our other clinics and use on any future projects.”

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