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USA TODAY Takes A Look At the Safety Net

Just want to point out a great article this week in USA TODAY about Community Health Centers, by reporter Larry Wheeler (“Health Centers Offer a Safety Net But Rising Demand a Strain”). The article takes a comprehensive look at the mission and work of health centers that treat medically underserved and more “uninsured patients who otherwise might go without prenatal care, cancer screenings, diabetes treatment and a long list of other services.”

“I have no idea where else I would go for health care,” said Shirley Dorsey, 51, a patient at Baltimore Medical System’s health center tells the newspaper. “It’s important to have some place where poor people who don’t have insurance can come and not be afraid of being turned away.” You can read the story here. Vermont’s Burlington Free Press also ran an editorial, noting, that “more and more employers are saying they are struggling to keep providing the job-based insurance that has been the backbone of health care access in this country… Against this background, Community Health Centers offer a model that delivers efficient, community-based care that can save money. It’s worth considering if this model has a bigger role to play in our health care system.” Check it out here.