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Universal Coverage versus Access to Primary Care

cynthia-smith-examines-a-patientThe New York Times examines the state of primary care infrastructure (“In Massachusetts, Universal Coverage Strains Care”) and puts into focus a “widening gap between the supply of primary care physicians and the demand for their services.” The article notes that in Massachusetts, where a landmark law was passed requiring residents to have health insurance coverage, there are “unintended consequences,” not the least of which is finding a doctor. The Times article, written by Kevin Sacks, notes that the primary care strain comes “at a time when there is bipartisan consensus that better prevention and chronic disease management would not only improve health but also help control costs.” Also the article notes how Community Health Centers “are having particular difficulty finding doctors.” NACHC will release a study on health centers and primary work force this coming August.  Photo: Codman Square Health Center in Boston, MA.