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Unique Partnership Supports New Moms

Did you know NACHC has a podcast? It’s relatively new but it’s just another tool we are using to better communicate the value and innovation that Community Health Centers offer. Our latest podcast is about a unique program at Family First Health in York, Pennsylvania that provides support to new moms from pregnancy until the child is two years of age. What makes this program–the Nurse Family Partnership–special is the relationship it fosters between the nurses who participate and the new moms that are assigned to them.

Recently we were joined by Family First Health nurse Judy and program participant Suleyka. Suleyka and Judy were paired together in the Nurse-Family Partnership Program. Judy has been part of the program for about 12 years and has worked with 200 families. A young mother, Suleyka has formed a bond with Judy that has not only helped her care for her daughter but also encouraged her to complete high school and look to college. We’re happy that both Suleyka and Judy were able to join us on NACHC Health Center News Podcast to tell us a little more about this innovative program. Full disclosure, we had some user errors and so the sound in the beginning of the podcast isn’t as good as it could be, but it gets better–and of course we’ll continue to improve, too. 😀

Listen to the full interview.