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Uninsured Teens in Nebraska Gain Access to Care with a New Health Center

Teen Clinic StaffWe are always on the look out for cool stories about the innovative work Community Health Centers are doing. We stumbled across this gem in Omaha, NE. OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc., you may remember that we featured OneWorld before on this blog [A Mission and Patients Thrive in Omaha] when we were fortunate enough to see the moving patient impact video on their website. Now we learn that the health center is at it again and just opened a Teen & Young Adult Health Center. The clinic, the first of its kind in Nebraska, provides revolutionary healthcare designed to meet the unique needs of individuals aged 15-24.  The idea came about largely because of the pressing need for healthcare.  Evidently Southeast Omaha has one of the highest rates of uninsured and delayed care for children and adolescents living in poverty.

“It’s a great feeling to open up the doors of this clinic. It is a first step in addressing barriers to health care that most frequently affect this age group and is designed to be a healthcare home for teens and young adults who may not already have a go-to place of care. It is staffed with providers that are trained specifically to aid children, teens and young adults in Southeast Omaha – which has one of the highest uninsured and delayed care rankings for children and adolescents living in poverty; however, it is open to anyone,” said Andrea Skolkin, Chief Executive Officer.

Adolescence is a critical developmental stage for children, marked by accelerated growth and a number of physiological, cognitive, social and emotional changes that occur at the same time. While most adolescents are healthy by traditional medical standards, a significant number of young people experience some type of medical issue by the time they reach their teens. Many youth engage in risky behaviors such as drinking or unprotected sexual activity. Prevention and primary care services are particularly critical for this age group because many of the most serious health problems are potentially preventable. The clinic is focused on integrating primary, preventative care, behavioral health and support services.  To read more about OneWorld and their new teen clinic check out their newsletter at this link.