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Two great articles about the need for CHCs

By Micah Clemens

As Congress continues to debate deep cuts to programs in the face of default, we want to highlight two recent articles about the value of investing in Community Health Centers.

The August issue of Governing Magazine examines the importance of Community Health Centers, and asks how state and federal budget cuts will affect their plans to expand and serve more Americans.

…budget cuts last year took $600 million out of the pot, and future cuts threaten to do the same. How will health centers, which expect to see patient rolls skyrocket from the 23 million now treated to more than 40 million in the next five years, handle the task?

Read the article here.

Also, Wendell Potter, an Analyst at the Center for Public Integrity, writes in The Huffington Post about the effectiveness of investing in the health of children through school-based health center programs.

School-based health centers, [Secretary of Education Arne Duncan] said, improve the overall health and wellness of all children through health screenings, health promotion and disease prevention activities, and enable children with acute or chronic illnesses to attend school.

Read the article here.