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Tools for Building a Health Center Workforce

We regularly invite writers to share ideas and topics helpful to the health center community.  Today’s guest blog post is by Shannen Camarena, Marketing Coordinator, UST

Community Health Centers nationwide face common challenges like recruiting and retaining workforce.  According to a NACHC report, 95 percent of all health centers have a clinical staff vacancy and those with vacancies are currently recruiting for 13 percent more clinical staff than they have today.  They are also competing with the private sector for health care professionals who are looking for competitive employment packages. Trying to stay relevant while sustaining vital programs such as behavioral health, dentistry and pediatrics, just to name a few, can be daunting.

Information resources can be a useful tool in workforce recruitment and retention.  That is why the nonprofit service provider, UST, compiled their Top 10 human resource guides specifically tailored to help health centers combat their ongoing workforce hurdles.  The free HR Toolkit includes checklists to ensure compliance, a federal HR compliance chart, and other resources. Plus, UST shares the top five ways to combat hiring and succession planning obstacles — including competitive benefit ideas, recruitment tactics and key ways to keep staff engaged.

These tools can help Community Health Centers better understand the leading variables that influence employee turnover, including hiring strategies, leadership development tools and training opportunities—as well as best practices around how to sustain employee engagement.