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Thune-Casey Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) for Volunteers Bill

By: Anne Morris, MPH

Senator Thune (R-SD) and Senator Casey (D-PA) have introduced a Senate companion to Representative Murphy and Representative Green’s H.R. 1629.  S. 1059, the Family Health Care Accessibility Act of 2011 – like H.R. 1629 – would extend Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) medical malpractice coverage to health professional volunteers at 330-funded health centers. 

We are very encouraged that for the first time there is standalone legislation in the Senate, and applaud the leadership of Senators Thune and Casey on this important issue for health centers.

S. 1059 currently has nine additional co-sponsors.  Please be sure to thank your Senator if he or she is among those who have already conveyed support for this bill.

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  1. Incline Village, NV

    I was continually stymied in finding licensed health professionals to volunteer at the low-cost community health center I managed for 5 years in this town because of the liability issue they would face. As a result, the non-profit I worked with turned the clinic over to another community-health-care non-profit who, and mainly because its staff were from offsite, never put in the effort required to reach the needs of the community. The clinic is now basically having to start all over again, 15 years after its original founding, when there are plenty of retired and/or active health professionals willing and capable of providing these much needed services. Thank you for supporting malpractice coverage for health care professionals who desire to help the needy in their communities without threat of attack by trial lawyers and insurance companies. I, a Nurse Practitioner, may even consider getting back into practice.

    Pam Straley, MS, RN, FNP, RN-C

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