Health Center Federal Policy

The Week Ahead

calendar_june22In an effort to keep folks aware of the meetings and schedules here in DC, we’ve begun listing the highlights of NACHC staff work for the week.  Hopefully this will keep the political junkies wired for another week.

  • The whole team will be working with Dr. Dan Baxter, Medical Director of the William F. Ryan Community Health Network in New York, as he prepares to testify on health reform before the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday at 9:00am.
  • John Sawyer is meeting with the Public Hospitals (NAPH) and the Community Plans (ACAP) to discuss health reform and the role of health plans, including a recent proposal by Sen. Reed (D-RI).
  • Alex Clift will be monitoring the Senate HELP Committee health reform markup (available on C-SPAN3) as they plow through hundreds of amendments.
  • Lupita Salazar-Letscher will be working with Rep. Lewis (D-GA) and others on the House Ways & Means Committee to ensure inclusion of the MATCH legislation in health care reform.
  • Kaitlin McColgan is continuing her meetings with every Member of the House and Senate Labor, HHS Subcommittee to push health center funding for FY10.  She’ll also be analyzing the workforce sections of the House and Senate health reform bills.