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The Spotlight on Farmworker Health

By Yvette Crenshaw

The Farmworker Conference in Delray Beach, FL,  has wrapped up and most attendees came away with a better understanding of the challenges ahead.  Community Health Centers serve over one million farmworkers, who frequently suffer from poor living and working conditions that lead to health problems, such a pesticide-related illnesses, work related injuries, and higher rates of infectious disease, such as tuberculosis (NACHC Fact Sheet on Caring for Farmworkers).  Many of the challenges in caring for farmworkers came up during the closing general session, where attendees seized on the opportunity to hear from and dialogue with the National Advisory Council on Migrant Health (NACMH). 

“We are always eager to hear your ideas and share that information with our friends at HRSA,” said Andrea Weathers, MD, DrPH, Chair, National Advisory Council on Migrant Health/Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). 

During the session, attendees were able to participate in a roundtable discussion to discuss various topics ranging from the climate for federal funding to enabling services that will help reduce barriers to care for farmworkers, such as transportation or outreach. After participating in the very informative roundtable discussion, listening to encouraging words from various speakers and attending valuable education sessions, conference attendees left Delray Beach, FL with a heightened sense of confidence knowing that they are better equipped to take on the challenges ahead. 

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