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The Rx for Communicating Value

By Amy Simmons Farber

With national and state leaders worrying about fiscal health and costs,  Connecticut’s health center leaders  swung into action with their own homegrown remedy.  The result was a clever outreach campaign with a simple message: “Your Personal Prescription to Cut CT’s High Health Care Costs.”   The CT Community Health Care Alliance also followed through with a big prescription bottle (with mint lifesavers inside) and directions on how to effectively use the medication at a time when the state’s hospital utilization rates have grown to over 429,000 visits.   The prescription campaign made a big splash at the state capitol, also.   We thought it was a creative way to get the message through to decision-makers about the value of health centers to produce results and cost-savings.  Our hat goes off to the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut , and the brilliant minds of Connecticut’s health center leaders!