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The Primary Health Care Revolution is Breaking Ground!

By Angie Stewart

Good news for health centers is becoming more prevalent as stimulus dollars continue roll in, creating new centers, expanding current centers, and adding more physicians and staff.

Community Health Center of Burlington in Vermont is utilizing stimulus money to undergo a major expansion, doubling the center’s size and allowing it to serve more than 3,000 additional patients from the community.

The Greater New Bedford Community Health Center in Massachusetts is celebrating the grand opening of its new center—the Dr. Laurel A. Miller Center for infectious diseases. Federal stimulus dollars are also making possible a new geriatric center, and expansion of the women’s center, and green modifications including solar heating.

There will be two new health centers open in Iowa this Friday, October 1! Rather than traveling to Iowa City’s university hospitals, Sioux City residents will be able to receive treatment at the new Siouxland Community Health Center. Waterloo residents will be able to visit the Peoples Community Health Center for medical visits now.

Stimulus funds are also helping expand the residency program at the Indiana University Department of Family Medicine. The program is now expanded to include the Lafayette community. Collaborating with Riggs Community Health Center in Lafayette, IN; Clarian Arnett Health; and St. Elizabeth Regional Health, the expanded program allows for an additional two resident opportunities.

With all this good news floating through the Community Health Center movement, some areas are trying to get on-board. Local officials in Charlottesville, VA are focusing efforts on getting a federally qualified Community Health Center for the community. Despite the area’s location near two major hospitals, there is an officially designated medically underserved area nearby. Even wealthy communities are seeing the benefits of Community Health Centers!

Is your health center expanding, or hoping to? Let us know!