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The Mobile Medical Unit that Keeps on Giving

It’s been over a year since Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the Eastern Coast.  More than 23,000 people sought temporary refuge after the storm struck with massive force, destroying homes, damaging schools and hospitals, leaving scores of people without power or a roof over their heads.

Coming to the aid of affected communities in New York, Refuah Health Center, located in Rockland County, sent their fleet of fully loaded medical mobile units to some of the worst hit areas and then onto Long Beach, NY. Long Beach was hit hard and the closing of the local hospital has not only resulted in a shortage of physicians in the area, but has also left the community without an emergency room.  Many patients remained displaced, living in tents or with their family, according to a recent press release from Refuah.

“Our mandate is to provide quality medical care to all who need it. It is a privilege for Refuah to be part of the effort to relieve suffering and provide medical care in this time of need,” said Chanie Sternberg, President and CEO of Refuah Health Center.

The mobile medical unit sent to Long Beach offers medical services—including vaccinations, first aid, and annual physicals— to a community going through the slow recovery process after a natural disaster.

“Refuah’s doctors are always there for our students, their families, as well as the school’s staff,” said Elizabeth Lebowitz, a school nurse at Long Beach High School. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Watch this video to learn more about Refuah’s efforts in Long Beach.