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The Media Weighs in on the “Unkindest Cut”

By Amy Simmons Farber

The press and public are taking notice of last week’s move by House lawmakers to cut spending for the Community Health Centers program, among others.  As we’ve noted in recent NACHC statements, if approved the measure would result in 11 million people losing access to care.  Among the protests generating a lot of ink in the press is this thoughtful response from the New Republic’s Senior Editor Jonathan Cohn, who writes, “I have no doubt the cuts would have a significant impact, particularly at a time when high unemployment means even more people than usual lack health insurance. Worse still, the Republican spending bill would effectively eliminate new money, allocated by the Affordable Care Act, that was supposed to finance the building of new clinics and the further expansion of existing ones. The hope was that these new clinics would enlarge the country’s primary care workforce, reducing the strain on existing professionals and easing the transition to nearly universal coverage.”  You can read the full post here.  

But that won’t be the last word.  Health center advocates from across the country are getting the word out that the spending cuts could have a devastating impact in their community.  Check out these stories:

CT Mirror “Community health centers facing cuts..”

Washington Post Cresent: “Providers fear proposed cuts to Community Health Centers.

GOP plan will sicken Community Health Centers” 

You can view all the media coverage so far on this page.

Finally, one health center doctor is taking to the airwaves to talk about this issue.  Louisiana doctor Gary Wiltz, MD, will appear tomorrow at 9:15 am, on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss the mission of Community Health Centers and the impact of Congressional spending cuts to the on access to health care.  Dr. Wiltz is the Executive Director and Clinical Director of Teche Action Board, Inc, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Franklin , LA, a rural parish in Southwest Louisiana.   Tune in tomorrow!