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The Founder of the Health Movement Pays a Visit to Codman Square

By Angie Stewart 

Few understand better than Dr. Jack Geiger how communities can be transformed through access to education and health care.  That is why the founder of the Community Health Center Movement paid a recent visit to Codman Square Health Center.  He wanted to learn more about Codman Academy Charter Public School, a high school within the Codman Square Health Center that is training the next generation of healers.  Codman Academy students complete an intensive health-focused curriculum that prepares them for college studies in medicine. Codman Academy takes pride in a 100% acceptance rate to college for all students in every graduating year. All students are required to complete two internships within the health center to be considered for graduation.

This high school is an important tool for the Dorchester, MA, community because it prepares students for careers in the medical field, which makes up one fifth of all jobs in Boston. It also helps raise awareness of public health issues and Community Health Centers among students and the community.