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The Buzz About Health Centers

With health care reform reaching a crescendo in Washington and on the Presidential stump, it’s nice to see a few minds focused on health care solutions that are a tested model. America’s Health Centers are just such a model and folks are paying attention. A case in point is this week’s New York Times, which cited health centers as “being hailed for delivering economical care to the nation’s uninsured, with Mr. Bush calling them a “really good use of taxpayers’ money.'” Check out the article here.

Also the Bob’s Blog on the California Endowment had this to say: “For too long, America has viewed community health centers quite uni-dimensionally: as the place where poor people and the uninsured can access health services. While this is true, it is a limited view. Community health centers (CHCs in shorthand) represent this nation’s best investment of this nation’s health care dollar; no other dollar spent comes close.” You can read more here.