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The Affordable Care Act and Your Community Health Center

NACHC is pleased to present a new video, “The Affordable Care Act and Your Community Health Center.”  Short and to the point, this new communications tool can assist health centers with educating their patient populations about coverage options under Medicaid, or purchasing a private insurance policy in the online Health Insurance Marketplace.

This is not the first, and will more than likely not be the last animated informational video about the Affordable Care Act in the digital realm. However, this video is unique because it speaks directly to the Community Health Center population and emphasizes the major role health centers are playing in outreach and enrollment.

The video was produced in multiple formats with the idea that it will be played in health center waiting rooms across the country. The formats include:

These various formats will allow health center patients to watch the videos on mute (if the health center staff chooses to mute them) while they wait to see a physician.

Please feel free to use and share this tool as you see fit.