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Tennessee Governor Gets Top Award from Health Centers

tpca-with-govThe Tennessee Primary Care Association awarded Governor Bredesen today with their highest honor, the William V. Corr Award of Excellence. The award is presented annually by the Association to an individual for outstanding leadership in increasing access to primary health care in underserved communities.  Bredesen was singled out for his leadership and efforts to get health centers across the state hooked up to telemedicine technology. This state of the art technology allows patients to obtain specialty health care through high-speed connectivity over the state’s TNII network, using a specialized camera, clinical equipment and a monitor. “Strengthening the safety net of health care services and improving access to care is an important priority and an accomplishment of which we can all be proud,” said Governor Bredesen. “I’m honored to accept this award on behalf of numerous organizations and advocacy groups, as well as the state Department of Health and other agencies that have played a significant role in this effort. I am also grateful to the Tennessee Primary Care Association for its continued leadership and dedication to providing care to the uninsured and medically underserved citizens of our state.”