Health Center Federal Policy

Ted Kennedy on Health Centers and the “Cause of My Life”

By John Sawyer

Ted_Kennedy_modified_portraitIn a lengthy, personal essay in this week’s Newsweek magazine, Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) discusses his own personal fight with cancer, his history of fighting for affordable health care for all, and the importance of the health reform debate now underway in Congress.

He also reminisces about the historic impact he has had on the Health Center movement, beginning with a visit to one of the first two health centers in the nation:

“In 1966, I visited the Columbia Point Neighborhood Health Center in Boston; it was a pilot project providing health services to low-income families in the two-floor office of an apartment building. I saw mothers in rocking chairs, tending their children in a warm and welcoming setting. They told me this was the first time they could get basic care without spending hours on public transportation and in hospital waiting rooms. I authored legislation, which passed a few months later, establishing the network of community health centers that are all around America today.”