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“Talk HIV. Test HIV. Treat HIV”

banner2This week is National HIV Testing Week (#NHTWUS) and across the country organizations like Community Health Centers are starting that all important conversation with patients and community members about knowing their HIV status. Coordinated by the Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Services (UCHAPS), the observance of NHTW aims to reduce late diagnosis by ensuring more people become aware of their current HIV status. By setting aside this week to recognize the importance of HIV testing, organizations hope to encourage communities at higher risk to not only get tested, but also seek regular and ongoing care if they have positive diagnoses.

According to UCHAPS “at least one in every five people living with HIV in the United States is unaware that they are HIV positive.” Talking about and testing for HIV can reduce the likelihood of transmission to others and those who are diagnosed early are more likely to respond well to treatment, allowing them to live longer, healthier lives.

Community Health Centers are a resource people can turn to—regardless of ability to pay—to get tested. In fact, 79 percent of Health Centers provide HIV testing and counseling. In 2012 (the most recent data available) health centers provided almost a million HIV tests to over a million patients.

badge-national-hiv-testing-dayNational HIV Testing Week ends on June 27th with National HIV Testing Day (#NHTD). To find resources to promote HIV awareness visit or to find a testing site visit: