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Getting Ready for the Year Ahead: Celebrating and Supporting Health Center Boards

Board meeting

Boards govern health centers and play an important role in establishing a center’s strategic direction in partnership with the CEO, approving key policies, and providing oversight in various areas such as finance and clinical quality.

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A Community Health Center Brings New Life to an Old Church

It was a bold idea: instead of building a new site from the ground up why not start from the steeple down? That’s exactly what happened when Community Health Centers of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City seized on a former Methodist Church as a new medical home. Now called the Perry Klaassen Family Medical Center the …


Health Centers and the Water Crisis in Jackson, Mississippi

Terrence M. Shirley, MPH, is the CEO of the Community Health Center Association of Mississippi The State of Mississippi emergency managers are reporting that all Jackson residents have water pressure and running water, however, it is still not safe to drink out of the tap and boiling is required before consumption. This includes the actions …


Clinical Informatics: How IT Clinical Champions Support the Care Team

An IT Clinical Champion can be a physician or a member of the quality improvement team. They work very closely with clinical care teams to improve the clinicians’ user experience with the health center’s Electronic Health Records (EHR).


Broadband Access: Health Centers Offer Local Solutions to National Challenges

The digital divide is not just about access for health center patients. As more folks get connected, there are challenges with health literacy and patients understanding how to use specific technology. Innovative technology solutions for the future must be human centered in their design.

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Planning and Partnerships for COVID-19 Vaccination: One Community Health

The vaccination effort has included pop-up vaccine events at concerts in the park, county fair events with health departments, outreach immunization clinics in multiple Native American villages, and visits a tiny remote community in Hood River.

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Thoughts on National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week (April 7-13th) has us ruminating about the power of volunteers to tackle society’s greatest challenges and bring about positive change in the lives of others. It could be said that Community Health Centers sprang into existence thanks to the spirit and energy of dedicated volunteers and activists. More than 50 years ago …