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As Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall, Florida Health Centers Stand Ready

Hurricane Ian

Several Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which provide primary preventative care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay, sit in Ian’s projected path. Over 1 million patients are currently in Ian’s path. For many people, FQHCs are their only source of healthcare, except for emergency departments – which is also the case during and after natural disasters.


Health Centers and the Water Crisis in Jackson, Mississippi

Terrence M. Shirley, MPH, is the CEO of the Community Health Center Association of Mississippi The State of Mississippi emergency managers are reporting that all Jackson residents have water pressure and running water, however, it is still not safe to drink out of the tap and boiling is required before consumption. This includes the actions …

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Health Center Staff Join Forces to Tackle Active Shooter/Active Killer Scenarios

Active shooter situations often start and end quickly – generally about 10 to 15 minutes elapse between the start of an event and when law enforcement arrives. For this reason, mental and physical preparation are key. Earlier this month, NACHC partnered with Black Hawk Emergency Management Group, LLC, an organization specializing in disaster prevention and …

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Tropical Cyclone Devastates Northern Mariana Islands

NACHC is closely tracking developments in the aftermath of a massive typhoon that struck Saipan and Guam this week. The category 5 typhoon, known as “Yutu,” has moved away from the region near the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, but left in its wake obliterated homes, downed power lines and flooding.  It is …

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Supporting Local Providers When Disaster Strikes

In fall 2017 a string of natural disasters, including hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, devastated Texas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In the wake of these crises, NACHC spoke with health centers, primary care associations, and disaster aid organizations to discuss lessons learned and other takeaways from being in the eye of these …

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Update on Health Centers In the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

NACHC has been closely following the developments in the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Florence and we are still patching together field reports from various sources.  Widespread flooding is still being reported in North and South Carolina, making transportation and emergency medical aid difficult.  Continued flooding is expected through the week. According to a dispatch from …

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Bringing Power to Resiliency Efforts in Puerto Rico – Foundations Step Up to Bring Solar Power to Puerto Rico

Power outages and interruptions remained a common occurrence on Puerto Rico – nearly a year after the island was devastated twice in short order by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Nearly a year after the hurricanes, power was completely restored. As many across the U.S. watched the response efforts in the days and weeks after the …

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Beyond Borders – Responding to Disasters from Afar

The health center model is unique. Community Health Centers offer patients and the community a seat at the table through a board that’s majority—at least 51 percent— patients served by the health center. But it isn’t just the board that represents the local population, often times the health center’s staff does too. It’s this community-focused …

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Heroes at the Center – Managing the Emotional Well-being of Staff Impacted by Natural Disasters

For many, the onslaught of natural disasters during 2017 are still top of mind. Hurricanes pounded islands, floods washed away roads, and wildfires burned down homes. Mother Nature created emergency after emergency, and as many of us watched from afar, looking for opportunities to help, there were Community Health Centers on the ground working to …

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All Communication in Puerto Rico Collapsed

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico it left behind a massive trail of destruction. Whole homes were levied, roads were washed away by floods, the power grid and water table were completely incapacitated, and thousands of Puerto Ricans were displaced – putting many at risk for illness, injury and death. Despite communication and transportation challenges, …