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Dr. John Hatch: Co-Founder of One of the First Health Centers

Dr. John Hatch

Dr. John Hatch grew up in the Jim Crow era and went on to develop the transformative model of community-based primary health care.

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Book Review: Out in the Rural, A Walk Back In Time

Geiger and Hatch

Few may realize the remarkable history behind the Civil Rights Movement and its role in launching Community Health Centers.  The narrative of how this happened is eloquently told in a new book, Out in the Rural: A Mississippi Health Center and its War on Poverty (the title is borrowed from a short film of the …

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The Health Center Movement From Its Roots Featured in the American Journal of Public Health

If you haven’t done so yet, take a moment for yourself and read the special article penned by H. Jack Geiger, MD in the American Journal of Public Health, “The First Community Health Center in Mississippi: Community Health Centers Empowering Themselves.”  One of the founders of the Community Health Center Movement, Dr. Geiger walks us back to rural …