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Health Center State Policy

InCK: CMMI’s Promising New Payment Model for Children

By Bethany Hamilton, JD (Deputy Director, State Affairs, NACHC) and Anoosha Hasan (NACHC State Affairs Intern, University of Maryland) The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) rolled out a promising new initiative to address behavioral needs for children through an integrated state delivery and payment model. In a few months, the public will learn how …

Health Center State Policy

Washington Health Centers Implement New Payment Model

  This post was written by NACHC Summer Intern Madeleline Cole.  Last year, Washington became the second state in the country to implement a capitated Alternative Payment Methodology (APM), a forward-thinking payment model that removes the tie between payment and face-to-face visits and allows health centers greater flexibility in the care and services they provide. …