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NACHC Leads Advocacy Efforts to Ensure 30 More Years of 340B

Friday, November 4th marks 30 years since Congress passed legislation codifying the 340B Drug Pricing Program in 1992, naming it after a section of the Public Health Service Act. The 340B Drug Pricing Program was created to assist safety-net providers, like Community Health Centers, “to stretch scarce Federal resources as far as possible, reaching more …

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340B Spotlight: How 340B Savings Supports Innovation at Carolina Health Centers

Without 340B savings, the health center’s many services that expand access to care — like free prescription deliveries — would be in jeopardy of being rolled back or discontinued.

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House Subcommittee Focuses on the 340B Program

While other health care related issues have certainly taken up much of the space on Congress’ agenda over the past year, the 340B program can be added to the list of issues at which Congress has taken a closer look at over the past several months.  A case in point is the House Energy and Commerce …

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President Trump’s FY18 Budget: What Does It Mean for Health Centers?

By NACHC Federal Affairs Staff On Tuesday, President Trump released his FY18 budget proposal, which reflects the administration’s priorities for federal spending in the upcoming fiscal year. The President’s budget is a blueprint for national priorities, which is then submitted to Congress. Ultimately, it will be Congress that makes the final budget decisions during the …

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OPA Alerts Health Centers that Recertification Process will begin January 2013

By: Susan Sumrell This week HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs emailed health centers to let them know that the 340B Recertification process for health centers will begin January 2013. This recertification process is one of the step in OPA’s plan to strengthen 340B program integrity. OPA notes in its email that It is the responsibility …

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New NACHC Resources on 340B

By: Susan Sumrell NACHC has just completed two papers on the Section 340B drug discount program that will be of value to PCAs and health centers. The first document is called Understanding the 340B Program: A Primer for Health Centers. It contains a great deal of current information on the operation of, and issues concerning, …