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Successful Outreach and Enrollment is an “All Hands on Deck” Opportunity for the Health Center Movement

October 1 is upon us and open enrollment is set to begin. Community Health Centers across the country have received additional resources to increase their staffing resources in this area—and are doing so every day. Additionally, many are receiving support for Navigators (state or federal exchange). State and Regional Primary Care Associations have also received funding to support health centers in their respective states with these outreach and enrollment efforts.

At NACHC, we hope you have seen an increased effort to share information and resources on outreach and enrollment through our home page and social media. NACHC is working with national partners to connect them to state/local efforts and addressing systemic national issues as they are identified. NACHC’s ability to meet these demands are thanks to YOUR membership dues, some private support, and the commitment from NACHC staff to ensure they are a resource to health centers and PCAs. As many know, these resources are sparse in an environment that is demanding NACHC’s attention on protecting federal health center resources, providing training and technical assistance across many aspects of the ACA implementation, and coordinating existing programs, trainings, and conferences.

With this in mind, NACHC offers a “triage map” (click on the image below to zoom in) for questions related to outreach and enrollment to manage responses and flow of information:

 map for o&e

As the weeks and month pass after October 1, NACHC will stay committed to sharing resources with the entire health center community. We hope to share FAQs as we see them arise from PCAs, HCCNs, and health centers.  We also want to hear about your experiences as they happen, including any data, to share via the NACHC blogs. NACHC also hopes to build additional resources that could benefit these efforts.

None of us can do this alone, but working together and utilizing the strengths of each health center, HCCN, PCA—along with NACHC, we can ensure millions of Americans have access to health insurance and seek care through a community health center.


The NACHC Team

P.S. Join us on Thursday, October 10th at 4:00 PM EST for a Webinar on Outreach & Enrollment

Sara Rosenbaum from George Washington University will discuss the experience of Massachusetts health centers related to outreach and enrollment and the uninsured. Sue Joss from Brockton Health Center will then discuss the Massachusetts health center experience since health reform including best practices and lessons learned. Finally, Emily Carr and Phillip Bergquist from the Michigan Primary Care Association will talk about their CHIPRA-funded program to increase Medicaid and CHIP retention among Michigan’s children and their plans to use the same technology to encourage enrollment at the state’s health centers. Come and learn about strategies and considerations for incorporating outreach and enrollment into your health center or PCA operations. Register here.

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