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Spreading the Message about Medical Homes in Memphis

The medical home model takes root in Memphis as part of the “Health Care Home Tennessee” campaign, launched by the Tennessee Primary Care Association. The campaign calls for investment in health centers as well as broader health insurance coverage. William L. Jackson is CEO of a health center and is urging low-income patients to seek care there instead of a hospital ER. “If we can get people to do a better job of using us as a medical home, it could reduce the overutilization of the hospital emergency rooms,” Jackson tells the local newspaper the Memphis Commercial Appeal.


  1. I think that this is another great resource available to people of lower income to recieve care. However, there are many great resources out there for many different conditions. The only problem is that many people have to make the call on their own about where to go when they need care. Because of the general lack of education and knowledge of health care resources, they usually end up in EDs. One of the real problems that I see all the time is resource utilization.

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