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Sleepless in Seattle

dianaolson_2As we’ve noted before, there wouldn’t be a health center movement without advocacy. That’s why every month we try to congratulate the stand out health center true believers. The first 2008 congratulations goes to our January National Community Health Advocate of the Month: Diana Olsen, Marketing and Community Relations Manager for Community Health Centers of King County (CHCKC) in Seattle, WA. Diana’s energetic efforts on behalf of the health center bring new meaning to the phrase “sleepless in Seattle.” Diana burned the midnight oil for many nights to make grassroots advocacy a top priority. She diligently worked hard to enlist 100 new health center advocates for state and federal initiatives. Diana also took the lead in organizing multiple health center events that drew key elected leaders, such as U.S. Sen. Patty Murray and Washington Governor Christine Gregoire. Now just days into 2008, Diana has already laid the groundwork to jumpstart voter registration initiatives for health centers. Must be that good Seattle coffee that keeps her going.