Health Center Regulatory Issues

Seen the new HRSA Draft PIN? We want to hear from you!

Earlier this month HRSA released its Draft PIN 2013-01 Health Center Budgeting and Accounting Requirements.  This is a very important PIN and we are currently reviewing it and will be preparing comments for submission.  But we also need to hear from you! Please take look and let us know how this will impact your centers.  Comments are due August 30, 2013 and stay tuned for more details from us in the Washington Update and here on the Policy Shop blog.  Contact Roger Schwartz with any comments and questions.

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  1. Hi Roger. My comment has to do with the section preceding the section open to comment – the section requiring segregation of budget into federal and non-federal categories. I remember having to do this early in my career, and the problems it caused on external audit as the external then wanted to see the basis for allocation, the requirement for then attributing patient income to expense line, etc. Process question – is the dual budgeting a new requirement? If so, was there a feedback step for this part of 2013-1? BTW, some of us have also floated this question with Gervean and Shawn.

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