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School-Based Health Centers

By Yvette Crenshaw

Community Health Center Inc. (CHC) in Middletown, CT is one of several health centers nationwide that has decided to take health care one step further by offering services through school-based health centers. Embracing a quickly expanding trend, CHC recently opened school-based health centers at both Domus’ Trailblazers Academy and Stamford Academy in Connecticut.  Over 300 students will have access to both medical and dental care as close as one step outside of the classroom.

Both CHC Executive Director Mark Masselli and Domus Executive Director Michael Duggan are confident that the services will be both beneficial to students and parents. Dugguan expressed:

“Students dealing with minor health issues will now be able to stay in the building and return to class quickly, missing less instruction, which is critical to helping them regain lost academic ground. The value to our kids and families can’t be overstated.”

All students will have access to comprehensive services at the school-based health centers including those without insurance.

Since 1972, CHC has been one of the leading healthcare providers in the state of Connecticut, building a world-class primary health care system committed to caring for uninsured and underserved populations. CHC is focused on improving health outcomes for its more than 130,000 patients, as well as building healthy communities. Currently, CHC delivers service in 173 locations statewide, offering primary care in medical, dental and behavioral health services.

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