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Rulemaking Committee Meets to Discuss Designation Criteria

by DaShawn Groves

Do you remember the rulemaking committee that was assembled to determine new criteria for MUA and HPSA designations? Well, they met again this past week. The Negotiated Rulemaking Committee met October 13th and 14th to discuss new criteria for MUA and HPSA designations. During these two days, the Committee discussed three topics: under service, need/demand measurement and the distinction between MUA and HPSA designations.

Each Committee member contributed to a list of barriers to primary care they perceived contributed to under service. They were prepped on the data sources that could be used to identify areas of under service. The Committee members were also given a presentation on how to define and measure both need and demand. The Committee decided to create a technical advisory subcommittee that would report to the full Committee on investigate/alternative methods of HPSA, review resources/suggestions that fall into HPSA designation and review proposed under service measure.

The Committee tentatively came to an agreement that MUA and HPSA designations should be kept separate as they measure different items. The Committee will meet again on November 16th and 17th to discuss the subcommittee findings, as well as populations and supply issues.