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Round Up of Health Center News

By Amy Simmons Farber

We’ve been off the airwaves in terms of posting, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on in the health center world.  First, let’s start with the international community health conference in Toronto last week.  It was a great gathering of health center leaders,  chock full of exciting information and innovation.  The dynamic conference, “COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRES: ACTING TODAY, SHAPING TOMORROW,” drew thousands of attendees from Canada, the U.S., and around the world, and generated lots of buzz on social media.  But there was also plenty of follow up media coverage to boot, including this editorial in The Record,  which notes that health centers are 

“a health care system that treats people, not symptoms. They deal with the underlying causes of illness — poverty, isolation, poor diet, mental disorders. They thrive in places where people don’t speak English, don’t have access to a family doctor, and don’t know how to navigate Canada’s complex, rigidly compartmentalized medical system.”

 Back in the U.S., there’s also been coverage about the current fiscal climate facing health centers on our home turf.  Writer Randy Edwards of Hospitals and Hospital Networks magazine offers a thoughtful assessment of the state and federal funding cuts to health centers in his recent article “The Most Difficult Budget Year.”   

Other newsy items worth a mention: