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Reunited: And It Feels So Good

By Yvette Crenshaw

Most mothers would agree that pregnancy is one of the most surreal experiences to ever experience. Imagine the bond created between mother and child during the nine months that it takes a baby to develop in a mother’s womb. Now imagine being a pregnant woman who is able to share those experiences with other mothers going through the same things at the same time.  

Peak Vista Community Health Center in Colorado Springs, CO offers this exact experience to several mothers through a prenatal health care program called CenteringPregnancy. According to the Gazette, the prenatal health prgram includes a group of mothers at the same stage of pregnancy who are able to come together and share their experiences, concerns and support all while receiving prenatal care and other health assesments.

Recently, the mothers that participated in one of the groups last year were able to reunite with one another and celebrate their babies’ first birthday. The reunion gave those mothers (fathers were welcome too) a chance to reconnect and share baby stories experienced over the past year.  The reunion/celebration has proven to be successful not only with this group but in general. Providing a service such as this gives mothers and those expecting a chance to come together and get feedback that they might not be able to get from their doctor’s.  The  CenteringPregnancy program is a worldwide program and has been recognized by the March of Dimes as an “evidence-based, effective prenatal care model.”   

Please read the article in the Gazette for more information.