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Report Finds Health Centers are a Bright Spot

Community Health Centers are a bright spot in the public health debate, providing high-quality care while controlling costs and pumping money and jobs into the national economy. Just in time for National Health Center Week this new study entitled, Access Granted: The Primary Care Payoff, found that health centers not only provide care to 16 million Americans, but do so while saving money in health care costs and generating substantial economic benefit in some of the neediest communities. It was issued this week by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), The Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care and Capital Link. The findings are creating a buzz not only in the press, but at the some 400 NHCW events scheduled around the country. Read more here. The findings of the NACHC report are no surprise to Joe Dawsey, who runs Coastal Family Health Center in Biloxi, Ms. Dawsey told a local reporter that health centers deliver on cost-savings. ” It’s a good investment,” Dawsey said. “We can provide care at lower cost than a patient can get going to the emergency room.” Check out the article here. Here’s another article from North Carolina, where Greene County Community Health Center, nestled in the rural agricultural hamlet of Snow Hill, celebrated 35 years of creating jobs and keeping down health care costs. And the news reached all the way north to Battle Creek Enquirer in Michigan.  “Perhaps it is time to look in our own backyards and recognize that we already have a way of providing excellent, high-quality health care while keeping costs down, ” writes Elizabeth in an op-ed on the ACCESS GRANTED findings in the New York newspaper, the Press Republican. You can also look view the press coverage of National Health Center Week here.