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Registering Voters One Patient at a Time

chcvoteCommunity Health Vote gains momentum in Michigan City, Indiana.  HealthLinc, a Community Health Center, is joining in the national effort to register voters at health centers and is now offering patients the opportunity to sign up to vote.  As a non-profit organization, HealthLinc offers non-partisan voter registration and education as part of its commitment to help staff and clients become more engaged in their community. So far HealthLinc has registered over fifty new voters who will pull the lever for the first time in November.  The effort at HealthLinc is part of Community Health Vote, a national campaign launched by The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) to boost voter registration and civic engagement in low-income, medically underserved communities across America. “We want our patients and community members to realize that their Community Health Center is affected by sate and federal government funding and policies and that they can impact those policies,” said Beth Wrobel, Chief Executive Officer of HealthLinc. “By integrating voter registration into our daily activities, we hope to reach individuals who might otherwise not register to vote and educate them on civic engagement.”