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Recruiting for your health center? Consider using social media.

By Micah Clemens

Healthcare IT News recently reported on a new study from AMN Healthcare showing that health care professionals are increasingly using social media to look for jobs.

The results of AMN Healthcare’s second annual survey on “Use of Social Media and Mobile by Healthcare Professionals” show that physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, such as healthcare IT personnel, and pharmacists are networking with colleagues, tracking down job leads and applying for new positions at a significantly higher rate year-over-year.

Among the interesting findings, one-in-three survey respondents reported using social media when searching for a job and nearly half of all health care professionals network on social media. You can read the full study here.

Use of Social Media and Mobile by Healthcare Professionals: 2011 Survey Results

Where can health centers start?

Recruiting through social media doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simple as posting an occasional update on Facebook or Twitter with a one sentence description of the position or positions and a link to a website with more information. These updates can easily be shared by your followers — especially if you encourage them to share it right in the post.

Also consider the platform for the applicable field. For example, while Facebook was the top platform overall for health care professionals, 34 percent of pharmacists rated LinkedIn as their top site.

How do you seek out potential recruits who don’t currently follow you?

Healthcare IT News has some helpful tips on using Twitter hashtags for recruiting health care professionals, which is a great way to reach job-seekers in specialized fields. Another good option is to use Facebook ads, which can target very specific audiences with postings.