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Recent Medicaid Developments from the States

Since the elections, there has been a flurry of Medicaid expansion activity in the states that we wanted to make sure you were aware of.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: New Hampshire submitted an 1115 waiver to transition their traditional Medicaid expansion into premium assistance in the marketplace for 2015. Read New Hampshire’s proposal here.

INDIANA: Indiana received a one year extension of their current waiver, which means their pending 1115 waiver to expand Medicaid is still being negotiated.

ARIZONA: Arizona has submitted an amendment to their Medicaid expansion 1115 waiver which would impose premiums and increase co-pays. Read Arizona’s 1115 amendment here.

In addition a handful of states have recently released Medicaid expansion proposals. A great deal of debate in these states is expected before waiver applications land at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). However, if successful, the poorest populations in another five states could gain Medicaid coverage.

FLORIDA: Florida is considering a premium assistance approach named “A Healthy Florida Works” which includes premiums, healthy behavior incentives, and job-seeking/training requirements.

UTAH: Utah is debating a premium assistance model which would include employer sponsored coverage or a plan on the marketplace. The Utah approach includes co-pays, job-search/training, and healthy behavior incentives. Read more about details about the Healthy Utah plan here.

WYOMING: Governor Mead voiced support for the Wyoming Health Department’s version of Medicaid expansion called the Strategy for Health, Access, Responsibility, and Employment (SHARE) program which would utilize current providers for a benchmark benefit package and also include premiums and co-pays, healthy behavior incentives, and employment assistance. Access Wyoming’s plan here, and read more about it in the Washington Posts’ article, “Wyoming’s Republican Governor Will Push to Expand Medicaid,”, Georgetown University Health Policy Institute’s blog, “Wyoming Medicaid Waiver Could Pass Muster with CMS”, or Families USA’s report, “Top 9 Occupations of Working but Uninsured in Wyoming Who Would Benefit from Expanding Health Coverage” and corresponding infographic.

MONTANA: Montana, like Wyoming, is considering an approach to utilize current providers for a benchmark benefit package. More details will be released soon.

TENNESSEE: Tennessee announced their plan to seek an 1115 waiver to expand Medicaid. Details include the choice of premium assistance or employer-sponsored coverage, premiums, co-pays, and healthy behavior incentives.

Additionally, Families USA has updated two Medicaid expansion resources—including an updated map showing where states stand on Medicaid expansion and an updated page on state Medicaid expansion waivers.