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President to Sign FY 2012 Appropriations Omnibus; Payroll Tax Cut Extension Fails in House

by Heather Jinkins

As you may have read, Congress approved the FY 2012 Omnibus Appropriations Act over the weekend. NACHC’s statement on its release last week can be found here. The White House stated today that the President will sign the measure once he officially receives it, which given the time consuming process of proofreading such a large bill  before it is transmitted to the President can take several days. The President is expected to receive and sign the bill by tomorrow.

In what is now a separate fight, Congress has been wrangling over an extension to the payroll tax cut. The House rejected the Senate-passed plan today and is now requesting a House-Senate conference to hammer out differences. A recent NACHC blog about the Payroll Tax, the “Doc Fix” and “Extenders” can be found here.

To  clarify, the two measures were initially tied together politically, but not substantively, but now have been separated for all practical purposes. This is important to note in light of speculation that the President would hold his signature on the omnibus as leverage for the payroll tax cut extension. The White House dispelled such speculation as Kenneth Baer, communications director at the Office of Management and Budget stated today, “The president is focused on getting the business of the American people done, and once we receive the omnibus funding bill, he will sign it.”