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Practicing the Art of the Possible

By Alexandra Sange

Last week was a challenging one and it left people around the country, including some Members of Congress, unsure about the future of national health reform.  It’s understandable – with the media interpreting Tuesday’s election as a referendum on health care and the loss of the Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  It’s understandable, but it is not final.  Although no one is sure exactly what shape and size reform will take in the days and weeks ahead, the administration and Republicans and Democrats in Congress have indicated that they still strongly support reform.  We can agree we need improvements to the insurance market, making coverage more affordable, and that we need improvements to the delivery system, making care more accessible.  We can agree, but we will need to make tough choices about the path forward to meaningful reform, and we will all need to practice the art of the possible.

So what can you do from your health center, your desk, your laptop, your home phone or your classroom to move Congress toward passing meaningful health reform legislation?  You can advocate!

In the face of this uncertainty, Congress needs to hear from their base, from families, communities, and businesses they represent, to know there is still strong support for reform back home.  Now, as much as any time over this past year, is the time for health center advocates to have a real impact on national health reform.  It’s a time to thank your Member of Congress for supporting Community Health Centers, and to encourage them to work with their colleagues to expand coverage and access to quality health care for all.  Community Health Centers stand, as ever, at the ready to provide comprehensive primary care to all those in need.  We support Congress moving forward to pass national health reform to help pave the way to affordable, accessible health center homes for millions of Americans.

The future of health care reform just got cloudier, but we have a clear message.   The art of the possible can include Community Health Centers if we get our message out.

So go out and advocate.  We know you can!

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