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Climate Change and Community Health Centers

Many health centers have long been responding to the needs of their patients most affected by these climate-driven weather events. Every health center faces different threats and challenges when it comes to climate change and each health center will also have different priorities and abilities to act. To meet you where you are, NACHC is working to create a cache of resources to help health centers build resilience for climate change.

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National Minority Health Month: Ensuring Patient Understanding Through Health Literacy Efforts

Yuriko De La Cruz is the Program Manager, Social Drivers of Health, in NACHC’s Population Health Division. This blog originally appeared on the PRAPARE website. This year’s theme for National Minority Health Month is “Better Health through Better Understanding”, which focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of racial and ethnic groups by creating and providing …


How Health Centers Focus on Retaining Their Workforce

Retaining health center staff was a challenge long before the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of staff retention efforts, health center leaders continue to look for ways to improve how they attract, train, recognize, and cultivate care team staff.   One retention strategy employed by Swope Health aligns community needs with clinician areas of interest. For example, …


UN Climate Reports on Climate Change Impacts on Vulnerable Communities

Editor’s Note: Julia Dempsey is a Program Associate in NACHC’s Public Health Priorities Division. NACHC staff Jessica Hinshaw and Ben Money also contributed to this article. The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) earlier this month released a report outlining the current threats and expected losses from climate change and where transformational changes are …


Health Centers are Moving to ‘Think, Test, Treat’ for Tuberculosis

Julia Skapik, MD, MPH, FAMIA, is NACHC’s Chief Medical Information Officer. Many Americans think tuberculosis (TB) was a scourge of the 19th and 20th centuries that’s behind us in the digital age; yet 13 million Americans are currently estimated to be infected with inactive TB. Ten percent (10%) of people with inactive TB progress to …


Why I Joined the Community Health Center Movement

Community Health Center Board members were invited at the recent NACHC Policy and Issues Forum to share why they are part of the Community Health Center Movement, why they serve health centers. David Otabor is a Board Member of Carolina Health Centers, Inc. in rural South Carolina. This is his story. Why do you serve …

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Our ACE Health Centers: Advocacy Centers of Excellence

An Advocacy Center of Excellence (ACE) is recognized for creating a culture of advocacy within their organization to ensure policymakers at all levels of government commit to supporting the affordable, equitable, and innovative care that health centers provide.


Incubate Your Solution to Digital or Health Literacy and Improve Health Equity in Your Community – Apply by 3/27/23

This post is part of NACHC’s Innovation Blog Series. This series is hosted monthly by our Center for Community Health Innovation. There are good ideas everywhere in the Community Health Center Movement.   NACHC’s Center for Community Health Innovation was established to help equip health centers with the innovation tools, resources and inspiration necessary to bring these ideas …