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OPA Alerts Health Centers that Recertification Process will begin January 2013

By: Susan Sumrell

This week HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs emailed health centers to let them know that the 340B Recertification process for health centers will begin January 2013. This recertification process is one of the step in OPA’s plan to strengthen 340B program integrity.

OPA notes in its email that It is the responsibility of the health center to keep its information current in the 340B program database.  Additionally, all communication from OPA will be sent to the person listed as the “Authorizing Official and Primary Contact,” so that information must be updated in order to receive updates about the recertification process and other important program updates. Specifically, the Authorizing Official will be responsible for completing the recertification process. Please take a minute to visit the 340B program database and check to see that your health center’s information is correct. If anything needs updating, you can submit a change request using the 340B Program change form.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have on the recertification or 340B program in general.