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NHCW Throwing the Spotlight on Quality of Care

By Amy Simmons Farber

With the blizzard of events from coast to coast, it’s hard to parse out a gem on which to focus — but one thing bears notice: the spotlight on the great quality of care at Community Health Centers.

As we mentioned before,  a recent study by the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of California-San Francisco, which focused on how Community Health Centers stack up with patient care against private practices and concluded that health centers demonstrated equal or better quality performance than private practices on ambulatory quality measures, despite serving patients with more chronic disease and socieoeconomic complexity.  Plenty of people are still talking about the study and highlighting it during National Health Center Week.

“Looking at a set of quality indicators for ambulatory care, federally qualified health centers performed as well – or better, in some cases – than other physicians in private practice,” said Dr. Lauren Elizabeth Goldman at the University of California-San Francisco was the lead researcher in a recent interview with Public News Service [read full article]

In Ohio, Marc Bellesarrio tells a reporter he isn’t surprised by the results.  “I think what people need to realize about Community Health Centers is that we have extremely high-quality doctors,” he said.  “All of our physicians are board-certified and we have the variety of services to offer.”

“National data such as these allow us to better clarify the context in which community health centers operate,” said James W.  Hunt, Jr., president and CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers in a recent press release. “Considering the unique challenges of the many populations we support, it is validating to see such robust findings on a national scale that  demonstrate health centers are providing care equal or superior to our olleagues in private practice.”

Keep your eyes open for more stories about health center quality of care… And happy National Health Center Week!