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NHCW Health Center Hero Nominee: Molly McMahon

Nominee: Molly McMahon, LCSW 

Organization: Greater Portland Health

“Molly McMahon is a gifted clinician and a respected leader who is beloved and trusted by our most vulnerable patients,” writes Renee Fay-LeBlanc, Chief Medical Officer at Greater Portland Health.

Whether she is meeting with a new Mainer who is processing severe trauma and torture, a person experiencing homelessness with opioid use disorder, or a clinician or outreach worker who needs support and guidance, Molly gives her full attention, compassion and energy to listening to, understanding, and helping others. The staff at Greater Portland Health joke that “everyone knows Molly” in the city of Portland. She has counseled thousands of people, helped with the asylum paperwork and process, visited patients at their homes, gone to funerals, delivered food.

Recently when a patient experienced a traumatic response to Emergency Medical Services staff and tried to run away, Molly calmed the patient down and walked him to the local hospital where he required inpatient treatment. Without her intervention, the patient would not have sought necessary care. Another patient who is participating in a writing group for those experiencing homelessness–a program Molly helped organize–recently credited Molly with saving her life after a debilitating struggle with trauma and depression.

“I admire her courage and her drive. I have learned a tremendous amount of watching her leadership style and her approach to patient care. She has saved many lives and is a true health care hero,” writes Fay-LeBlanc.

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