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NH: Don’t Forget Dental!

By: Beau Boughamer quoted Dr. Skip Homicz — dental director at Families First Community Health Center — in a story about a report on oral health released by the New Hampshire Dental Society.

Currently, 39 percent of the state population lacks dental insurance coverage, less than half of the public water systems are fluoridated and many children — even some with Medicaid coverage for dental care — don’t access that care.

Dr. Skip Homicz, dental director, Families First Community Health Center, said the report is a strategic plan to address what has become a nationwide problem. And he said the state could learn a thing or two from the Portsmouth health center.

“I’m really passionate about Families First,” Homicz said. “I just think it’s a great model that lends itself to approaching the at-risk population that can’t access care. And it’s not just oral care; the center treats everything.”