Health Center Federal Policy

Negotiations Continue on Nine Remaining Spending Bills; Current Continuing Resolution to Expire December 16

by Heather Jinkins

Appropriators continue to work on a final spending package to complete the nine remaining appropriations bills for FY 2012. As you’ll recall, the President signed into law Nov. 18 the first year-long FY 2012 spending package which included funding for Agriculture/FDA, Commerce-Justice-Science and Transportation-HUD. The package included another short term Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep remaining programs funded through Dec. 16, when it is set to expire. This leaves eleven days to complete a final package encompassing nine bills and submit it to floor action. Congressional staff are said to be working on a final package, it is still entirely possible that we will see another CR, either short-term or year-long.

Please check back with Health Centers on the Hill for the latest on the Appropriations process!