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This Week is National Men’s Health Week

June is Men's Health Month
June is Men’s Health Month

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, Men’s Health Week (June 9-15) is the perfect time to remind the men around you of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Getting an adequate amount of exercise and eating properly are fundamental habits that foster overall health, but it is just as important for men to understand the value of preventive screenings aimed at controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Frequenting the gym and biking to and from work can cause heads to turn at the beach, but if preventive measures aren’t taken to secure one’s overall health then all your hard work on the bench press and elliptical will be done in vain.

The Affordable Care Act has made it easier to acquire the preventive services that are essential to overall health by covering recommended preventive services at no out-of-pocket charge. This means that the man in your life has no excuse to add preventive measures to his healthy lifestyle choices.

For men who routinely practice healthy living habits, use this week as reminder that your efforts are not futile. And for men who do not pay the necessary attention to their overall health, National Men’s Health Week is a great time to head to your local supermarket and buy some kale, make the trek to your local YMCA and partake in some wind sprints, and visit your local Community Health Center and request an immediate blood test. However, if the aforementioned measures sound a bit extreme there’s nothing wrong with taking baby steps.

Go get healthy and have a happy Father’s Day.

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  1. As the Technology enters in the World. We are regularly ignoring those natural things, exercises, natural food, and lot of things which causes a lot to the human body. We have to go back to the natural things.

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