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Narrowing Health Disparities

Health disparities is the disease gap that exists between whites and minority populations. Minorities suffer a disproportionate share of chronic disease largely due to uninsurance and lack of accessible and affordable health care. Reducing health disparities is what Community Health Centers do best. In fact, the Health Centers’ Diabetes Health Disparities Collaborative (HDC) gets top marks in a new report. The current issue of Health Services Research says many improvements in diabetes care occurred during the first four years of the HDC program. Researchers found many aspects of care improved significantly from 1998 to 2002 especially in patients’ blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, kidney function, and vision. Prescriptions of ACE inhibitors and aspirin also increased significantly. The research team also reports that the program cost per patient was $700 in the first year, $600 in the second and $500 in the third. It leveled off to $378 by the beginning of the fourth year. You can read the full story here.